Standard Family Day Carer - $176
The Family Day Care Cashbook is offered on an annual subscription basis and is very modestly priced for the features it offers. Once you complete the sign up process you will have three options.
This cashbook is for Educators who wish to use the cashbook to prepare their tax return or to provide the information to their Accountant.
Type of Purchaser Initial Purchase Cost Annual Renewal Fee
Standard Family Day Care Educator $176.00 $88.00
Child Care Accounting Clients $110.00 $66.00
Child Care Accounting Clients
Any Educator who uses Child Care Accounting to prepare and lodge their annual tax return is entitled to purchase the cashbook for $110 and will be charged a discounted annual renewal fee of $66.00 as long as they remain a client.

Child Care Accounting is the supplier recommended by Family Day Care Australia for tax and accounting services to it's members. Child Care Accounting offers a full range of tax and accounting services to Family Day Care Educators and their families across Australia. To find out more about becoming a client of Child Care Accounting, click here or go to

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